Pregnant women’s and policymakers’ preferences for the expansion of noninvasive prenatal screening: A discrete choice experiment approach study.

Nguyen HM, Baradaran M, Daigle G, Nshimyumukiza L, Guertin JR, Reinharz D. Health Sci Rep. 2023;6(8):e1516. Published 2023 Aug 23. doi:10.1002/hsr2.1516. Open Access: Learn more

Tags: Patient Perspectives, Health Care Provider Perspectives, 2023, Canada, RAAs, CNVs

  • 272 pregnant women and 24 policymakers completed the questionnaire.
  • In the pregnant women group, all seven attributes were statistically significant, denoting their importance, with pregnant women placing the greatest importance on cost related to the test, followed by test performance, and degree of test result certainty.
  • In the policymakers group, three attributes were statistically significant: test performance, degree of test result certainty regarding the severity of the disability, and cost related to the test.