Prenatal Identification of Confined Placental Mosaicism in Pregnant Women with Fetal Growth Restriction.

Miyagami K, Shirato N, Izumi M, et al. Reprod Sci. 2022;29(3):896-903. doi:10.1007/s43032-021-00772-3.

Tags: Clinical Experience / Clinical Utility, 2021, Japan, RAAs

  • “cfDNA analyses of maternal plasma detected suspected CPM cases with chromosomal aneuploidy or copy number variations in 5 of 40 cases (12.5%). For 4 cases in which the entire placenta consisted of cells with chromosomal abnormalities, fetal growth was severely restricted. CPM can be screened by cfDNA analysis in maternal plasma, accounting for approximately 10% of the causes of moderate or severe FGR [fetal growth restriction], and the higher the proportion of abnormal karyotype cells in the placenta, the more severe the placental dysfunction and FGR.”